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Wake Forest, NC Attic Air Seal and Insulation

The Raleigh Home Show is where we met this customer with concerns of the high energy bills and varying temperatures in her home. As promised, we came out and completed a FREE evaluation. We found that this was a steel framed home with fiberglass batt insulation in the attic. We removed this insulation which was a major problem and found many holes and recessed lights in the attic contributing to the concern. We used eleven inches of Tru Soft cellulose insulation to combat these issues and used SilverGlo to help with the air leaks. Now, this homeowner is comfortable and relieved at home!

Wake Forest NC Soundproofing

This homeowner called us in distress over noise issues from music coming from their neighbor. This can be common in townhomes or condos. Our team was happy to complete a free evaluation and set up a plan of action with the homeowners. To combat these sound issues, we completed an air seal and densely packed the wall between the two families. Now, these homeowners can enjoy the peace and energy efficiency of these upgrades! 

Wake Forest NC Air Seal and Attic Insulation

This homeowner called us because they were cold in the winter temperatures and desired a warm and cozy home. When they were paying to run their heater, it was not maintaining a warm temperature. Of course, most of us know that hot air rises. When an attic isn't properly sealed, there is essentially a hole where the heat is escaping. We sealed all of these attic floor penetrations and sealed his six can light with our rock wool covers. Give us a call and we will ensure that the job is done correctly. 

Durham NC Air Seal and Attic Insulation

We received this call from a Durham homeowner that was paying an outrageous amount for his energy bills. He had a 1400 sq ft attic that was poorly insulated and had no air sealing done. We removed the old insulation to complete an air seal and used cellulose insulation in place. This will prevent the AC from needing to constantly run to regulate temperatures. Give us a call if your energy bills are causing you stress. The evaluation is free!

Durham NC Attic Insulation and Air Seal

Keeping his home cool and comfortable was a struggle for this homeowner. The insulation in his attic was extremely uneven and and had a great deal of penetrations. We properly air sealed this home and added in the correct amount of cellulose insulation. We guarantee that our solutions will fix your issues. Not only is it guaranteed for you, but if you sell your home, for the next homeowner as well. If you have concerns, give us a call and we can give you a FREE evaluation!

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