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Testimonials for Hutch's Dr. Energy Saver

When the former tenants moved out of Audria & Jason S.'s newly purchased home in Burgaw, NC, they told the couple to expect high energy bills. At the time they didn't think it would be too bad. That is until they were hit with their first $300 monthly bill. Right away they knew that something needed to be done and they called Hutch's Dr. Energy Saver for help. In this video the couple talks about their experience with the company, from the inspection and evaluation, all through the installation and cleanup. They also talk about how happy they are with the results. Their furnace no longer runs non-stop on cold days, and they never needed additional space heaters to keep warm ever since. As a former firefighter, Jason was always worried about the fire hazards associated with the use of space heaters. When asked if they would recommend Hutch's Dr. Energy Saver to their friends and family, this is what they have to say: "I would definitely say: Call Brannon. He won't sell you anything you don't need. He wants you to be comfortable, he is gonna make sure it can fit in your budget, will work out a way to do it. You can't go wrong!", says Audria.Brannon is our Certified Energy Conservation Specialist and part of a great team, with one common goal: to fix uncomfortable homes!
Audria & Jason S. of Burgaw, NC
"Previously before having the crawl space encapsulated, we'd have to take the youngest out of the house, take her for a ride in the car to get fresh air. She just couldn't get any relief here in the house."
Amy B. of Rocky Point, NC
  Debbie & Donald T.'s home in Hampstead, NC is only 11 years old but it had serious comfort problems. The temperatures were very uneven around the house, with rooms that were either too hot or freezing cold. Their energy bills kept going up every month. Tired of living uncomfortably in their own home, they began to search for a company to help them solve the problems. That is when they learned about Hutch's Dr. Energy Saver. Upon inspection our certified energy conservation technician detected several areas that were in dire need of improvement. The attic was improperly insulated and there was a wall that had no insulation at all. To make matters worse, there were many air leakages in the building envelope, which meant that a large portion of the air that they were paying to cool or heat was consistently leaking out of the house. In this video, the couple speaks about their experience with the company and the results after the project was completed. "A big job like that only took two days, and we could tell the difference right away about the temperature being even in the house.", says Donald.
Debbie & Donald T. of Hampstead, NC
Vicky & Dennis R. from Hampstead, NC first called Hutch's Dr. Energy Saver to insulate their home's attic, but when they learned of our crawl space environment services, they asked us to inspect under the house. Upon inspection we detected significant mold growth in the crawl space. That mold was finding its way upstairs and was the reason why Vicky felt so sick around the kitchen area. After we encapsulated and dehumidified the space, the couple saw significant improvement not only in terms of health but the temperatures around the house are now more even, and the home is more comfortable. Would they recommend Hutch's Dr. Energy Saver to their friends and neighbors? "Certainly to anyone with health problems who wanna consider having the house checked, if not remediated in some way. That certainly has been a blessing for me!", says Vicky,
Vicky & Dennis R. of Hampstead, NC
I am very happy with the service. I definitely noticed a difference in the temperature upstairs and downstairs before having the work done. Typically, we would have to fill up gas tanks two times during the winter. Since having the energy upgrades completed, we have only had to fill it up once this winter. Overall, everything went well and I am happy with the changes. 
Napolean W. of Raleigh, NC
The crew that Hutch sent worked very hard and he came himself the first day to be sure all instructions were understood. He said it would take 4 days and he was right. Day 1- tore out old insulation Day 2- sprayed under house and sealed cracks Day 3- Installed SilverGlo and Day 4 did attic and installed dehumidifier
Gail and Galin A. of Bath, NC
Testimonial Photo by Donna M.
I can now enjoy comfortable temperatures in all areas of the house.
Donna M. of Riegelwood, NC
Testimonial Photo by Ethan M.
Hi Guys, Just wanted to share with you some very interesting information on the performance of the garage.  Amazingly, this is the most temperature stable room in the home!  I am able to monitor the temps of the various zones and T-Stats via the Honeywell/Redlink setup, and even on the coldest nights we had, the temp in the garage never got below 68F - and the mini split never kicked in to heat mode.  Wow, very impressed.  I am told the garage doors are only rated at R-7 - but must be sealed very well - I know you all dense packed in the wall space around there too - but holy cow, must be sealing off very well.  The main house system runs on these cold nights, and of course, the bonus room above the garage stays cozy warm as well. Just wanted to share - nice work! Once we get the Geothermal system installed (maybe March) and if you all can do the rim joists - perhaps we can revisit the super attic - encapsulate the whole attic (all that is accessible) so the air handlers are also in conditioned space. Appreciate all of your hard work! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Warm Regards (pun intended), Ethan
Ethan M. of Southport, NC
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